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The South Florida Baseball League (SFBL) is one of the premier adult baseball organizations in the great state of Florida covering the geographic area of southeast Florida, operating in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. The SFBL caters to adult men of all ages who crave baseball, offering competition in three divisions – Premier (18+) Wood Bat, Senior (18+) Aluminum and Masters (35+) Aluminum. Considered by many to be one of the top adult amateur hardball organizations in the country, the SFBL provides high quality regional baseball competition in South Florida, including league play, all star games and tournaments.

Opening Day for the Fall 2014 Season is November 9, 2014.  This will be our 23rd year of operation and our 45th consecutive season of baseball! New players and teams are encouraged to join the league right now and be a part of this special milestone.

All games are played on Sundays.  The Spring Season and Fall Season both consist of identical 12 regular season games as well as a series of postseason games, which consist of quarterfinals, semi-finals and a best of three championship series for each division.

Schedule:  The SFBL operates two regular seasons per year, Spring and Fall.  The League recently reintroduced an All Star Sunday featuring two All Star games in unique matchups between divisions. Additionally, the SFBL operates two statewide tournaments each year.  The tournaments, the Miami Open, held on Memorial Day Weekend, and the Florida Cup, held during the Labor Day Weekend, feature some of the fiercest adult baseball action in the South Florida. With visiting teams from New York, Orlando, Jacksonville, Fort Myers, Tampa and Palm Beach, to name a few, the tournaments always prove to be dynamite. Consequently, the SFBL provides year-round baseball in the fabulous Florida sunshine.

Membership fees are $230 per player:  After officially registering to play, new players are assigned to the SFBL Player Pool and then reassigned to league teams based on team needs, player age, position and city of residence.  To register, please visit our Registration and out Pay Online pages on this website.  Fees cover all expenses related to playing baseball, plus a few extras:

•    Field rentals, preparation and maintenance
•    Umpire services (South Florida College Baseball Umpires Association)
•    Baseballs
•    Liability insurance
•    Website hosting and maintenance services
•    Custom baseball statistics software -  real-time Leader Boards
•    State-wide tournament operations – Miami Open and Florida Cup
•    All Star Games, Trophies and T-shirts
•    Advertising, Marketing & Promotion (Newsprint, Radio, TV)
•    Championship Trophies and T-Shirts
•    League administration/bookkeeping/operating expenses

League fees do not cover uniform costs, which can range between $20 and $75, depending on the team you join.

Divisions:  The SFBL consists of three divisions: Premier 18+ Wood Bat and Senior 18+ Aluminum, plus Masters 35+ Aluminum. 

Competition:  Over the last 44 seasons, through the use of a live draft as well as player pool assignments for new players, the League has established reasonable parity among existing teams.  Skill levels routinely range from ex-Minor leaguers to former softball players and players who haven’t played since high school.  However, the League is very competitive.  Indeed, it’s a real challenge to win it all in the South Florida Baseball League!

Fields & Officials:  The League utilizes top quality baseball fields, including fields like Lynn University in Boca Raton and Flamingo Park on South Beach.  Teams can expect to play a few road games during the season.  The SFBL is proud to be officiated by the South Florida College Baseball Umpires Association.  The SFBL publishes and enforces the Florida Hardball League Rules, which differ slightly from major league rules in the interest of safety and sportsmanship.

Records Books:  The SFBL is proud to feature its unique 44 season history, complete with Individual and Team Record Books, as documented by season player and team stats kept by the league office since inception in 1992.  

Managers and Existing Teams:  Virtually all managers in the League also play the game.  The SFBL is always looking for qualified individuals to manage new expansion teams.  Existing teams (partial or complete) are also welcomed and encouraged.  The “buddy” system is fully supported, encouraging friends and family members to play on the same squad.  

Playing Environment:  The SFBL promotes a wholesome, family environment, having earned its reputation for providing a fun, yet disciplined and competitive baseball environment for its players and fans.  League rules are fairly rigid regarding player conduct and behavior while on the field.  Foul language and unsportsmanlike conduct are not tolerated.

Tournaments:   Between the SFBL statewide tournaments and the MSBL national tournaments, we offer the very best in the tournament experience.  For further information visit the SFBL Tournament Page.

Trophies: At the end of each season, the SFBL awards a special Championship trophy to the managers of champions in each of the three divisions.  The SFBL also awards special championship T-Shirts to each member of the Championship teams. Finally, the Most Valuable Player Award is also presented to the MVP of each championship team for each division.  

For further information contact the League Office at 305.496.2962 or visit us at www.sfbl.com.

See you on the field!
Mickey Filippucci

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