The Fort Lauderdale Pilots won the Spring 2019 MASTERS 40 PLUS DIVISION Championship with an 11-0 win over the surprising Miami Cardinals, Sunday November 24, 2019 at Northeast High Baseball Park. Mike Fields was named Most Valuable Player and team manager, Jamie Siragusa, collected another trophy to add to his substantial collection of hardware.

To document the incredible run posted by the Fort Lauderdale Pilots and the Ft. Lauderdale Angels, when the team played in the Senior 30 PLUS Division, we offer the following team history – are you ready? OK here goes…..9 championships with a cumulative record of 166-7-3 all time. WOW!! This includes 107 wins out of the last 108 games, including an 80 game winning streak and a current 27 game winning streak. We are all speechless.

Pictured below in first photo is Mike Fields MVP, second photo Mike Fields with Jamie Siragusa, and last photo is Alvaro Gomez, doing what he does best – pounding the crap out of baseballs!