It’s official.  The Palm Beach Angels have established a dynasty having just won their fifth Masters Division Championship in a row with the 8-0 shutout over the South Florida Dodgers.  Despite the score, the game was close for most of the game with the Angels building a 3-0 lead midway through the game as Dodgers Ace, Andy Perez, kept the Halos off balance.  The Dodgers simply ran themselves out of the game, getting caught stealing home plate twice among other base running mishaps.  However, Angels Ace Matt Leban ended up pitching a complete game shutout and the Angels bats came alive late to put the game away to earn the team a fifth title in a row.  The Angels were rewarded with a Championship Team Trophy and championship t-shirts, authentic SFBL logo baseball caps and a $1000 Cash Prize!

Palm Beach Angels – 5 in a row!

Below: Angels Ace Matt Leban pitched a complete game shutout to win the championship!

Below: Angels catcher Phil Laufman – the catching machine!