Dacar Senators Defeat Miami Amigos to Clinch Fall 2022 South Florida Baseball League 28+ Title.


The championship trophy was hoisted by the Dacar Senators (7-6) over the Miami Amigos at Flamingo Park in Miami on July 16th, 2023. In the 28+ division championship matchup between the two SFBL ball-clubs, the final score was 10-2. The Amigos were favored going into the game with a 10-2 record. Managed by Hernan Mejias, the Dacar club responded brilliantly. Robert Palencia, the starter tapped by Meijas for the title game, was simply dominant. The righty starter pitched a complete game, allowing just one earned run over 9 full innings, easily being the MVP of the game for Dacar. “Our bats were in good form that day, and we took full advantage of every opportunity. We ran with confidence. We stole some bases, and every time we had guys on base we drove them in,” said the manager Hernan Mejias. “That’s the mark of a good team, that you feel like everybody 1-9 is gonna get you home.”

“Sometimes you win games you weren’t expecting to win. Give all the credit to those guys over there,” said Amigos manager Eddie Cabrera. “They played a hell of a game. They were more thoroughly prepared and they had a great game out there. Sometimes, you gotta tip your cap and say good game, boys. You got us. But we’ll get you next time.”

Dacar Senators Fall 2022

Dacar Senators Fall ’22