Congratulations to Cory Hopper, our Fall 2016 Season BASEBALL BEAST!  Cory struck out 22 and pitched a complete game to lead the Miami Red Sox to a dramatic come from behind 9-8 win over the defending champions Davie Tigers.

Down by a run in the bottom of the eighth, the Red Sox had only 5 minutes to go before time would expire and prevent the team to get a final ninth inning chance.  So the Sox needed to get three outs in less than 5 minutes BUT Cory pulled it off, striking out two and getting a ground out on ten pitches! The Red Sox would go on to a two run rally and take the 9-8 lead in the ninth, and then Cory closed to the door, striking out the side to take his total to 22 strikeouts out of 27 outs in the ball game.  What a feat for the record books!!!  Cory Hopper – our Fall 2016 Season BASEBALL BEAST!

The SFBL tracks the best individual performance turned in each week via Player of the Week announcements. But every once in a while someone turns in an extraordinary performance. The “BASEBALL BEAST AWARD“ is awarded to the best individual performance of the season drawn from the list of Players of the Week winners. The SFBL conducts a special poll with the league team managers to determine the winner, who earns the BASEBALL BEAST trophy, an authentic SFBL logo baseball cap and permanent spot in the history books.