This History Page allows visitors to the website to experience each facet of the history of the South Florida Baseball League, featuring links to 38 completed seasons.   Additional links include Championship History, Team History, SFBL Record Book and Top Ten History pages. PLEASE BE ADVISED – THIS WEB PAGE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS AND REQUIRES FURTHER UPDATING – come back soon!

Season History
The Season History provides an individual web page for each season in the history of the SFBL.  Each page features a season summary, including play-off and championship scores, final regular season standings and final leader boards.

Championship History
Championship History provides a summary of all championship games played in the 38 completed seasons of the SFBL.

Team History
Team History provides links to individual teams with a significant history in the SFBL.  Team background information will be listed as well as team links, if available.  The highlight of these pages are tables featuring individual season records with playoff appearances and results.  At the bottom of these tables, team stats are provided with overall records, winning percentages, playoff appearances, playoff records as well as other team trivia.

Record Book
The record book page is sub-divided into two different record books: a Team Record Book and a Player Record Book.  Team Record categories includes most games, most wins, most losses, most playoff appearances, most championships, etc.  Individual Player Records include all the Leaderboards categories as well as other records that have been recorded over all the years in the SFBL.

Top Ten History
The Top Ten History Page features the top ten teams and players in each of the categories of the Record Book.

Hall of Fame
The history page will also feature a Hall of Fame.  Inaugural members of the Hall of Fame will be announced in 2012 – the twenty year anniversary year!

Player Titles
Player titles = work in progress