modeLogic is a boutique management consulting practice, offering management expertise and practical solutions for a wide range of small business problems.

Many companies are too small to afford the value of a full time Chief Financial Officer or a Chief Technology Officer.  In reality, they are too big to do without such talent.  Consequently, these companies simply under perform their potential and lose out on opportunity.  modeLogic can change that.

modeLogic is focused on maximizing shareholder value.

Value Proposition …

With its network of subject experts, modeLogic provides business intelligence on a part-time basis and at a fraction of the normal cost.  So while a business may not be able to afford full time financial or technical help, it can still access critical business management talent on an as-needed basis.  That’s the modeLogic value proposition, plain and simple!

An engagement with modeLogic starts with a no charge in-person consultation to assess business needs.  Based on the assessment results, a specific statement of work is generated, where business objectives, solution benefits, time tables and fees are clearly established.

modeLogic provides business clarity.

Access the modeLogic Network!

modeLogic works with a unique network of “subject experts,” which encompasses a growing spectrum of other small businesses offering solutions to most common business challenges. By extension, the modeLogic Network can be your network.
modeLogic is business logic!
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