Revised Player Ejection Policy:

Effective October 1, 2014, the league’s player ejection policy have been modified as stated below.

Ejected Players:

Any player ejected from an official league game for a minor offense will be tracked on the EJECTED PLAYERS LIST (shown below) for the balance of the season.  A second offense for a minor infraction during the same season will result in an automatic one game suspension. The slate is wiped clean after the season ends.

The chief umpire at the game will report whether the ejection was for a minor or major infraction. By way of example, ejections for arguing balls and strikes, throwing a bat or helmet or using foul language are minor infractions. Ejections for taunting, fighting, rough play or making contact with the umpire are examples of what would be deemed major infractions.

Pre-game and post game infractions will be enforced in the same fashion as in-game infractions. Confronting an umpire or another player in the parking lot after the game is an example of a post game infraction (in this case – a major infraction).

Ejected players guilty of a major offense will automatically be suspended for a minimum of one game. The League President will determine the length of any multi-game suspension in his sole discretion.

Suspended Players: 

A suspended player must sit out his team’s next scheduled game following the suspension as well as any game thereafter until the suspension has been served. Suspended players will be tracked on the SUSPENDED PLAYERS LIST (shown below).

Any violation of the rule will result in the team forfeiting the game in which the suspended player was involved in.  

Suspended players must pay a $100 reinstatement fee in order to become eligible to resume play. No exceptions. Repeat offenders are not welcome in the league.