The South Florida Baseball League Playoffs are here!  The League is wrapping up the regular season Sunday April 22 with a few select playoff spots on the line. The top three teams in each bracket qualify for playoffs in both the Masters and Open Divisions. The first place teams in each bracket receive a BYE while the third place teams visiting the second place teams in the Quarterfinals.  The Quarterfinals winners then play the first place teams in the Semifinals. Finally, the winners of the Semifinals play a single game for the Championship in each Division.

The Championship teams take home a $1000 CASH PRIZE, custom SFBL logo caps and championship t-shirts for the players while the manager receives the team championship trophy.  Finally, there is an MVP trophy to be awarded to the MVP on each championship team. Let the big dog eat!

Shown below are Coach Willie and his assistant getting the FLOMO Crusaders ready for the final battle against the Miami Pirates to make playoffs. Pregame sandwiches and Cuban coffee to get the team going!