Believe it or not, the season resumes this coming Sunday, September 20, 2020 with limited action as our baseball fields open back up.

New regulations. All players must adhere to the new Miami Dade County public parks mandate:

  1. All players, coaches and umpires must wear a mask at all times on field as well as in the dugouts.
  2. No attendance permitted. No family, no friends, no fans. Only players and coaches permitted at Miami Dade County public parks and fields that the league is permitted in.
  3. Players, coaches and umpires must maintain the social distancing at all times to the extent possible.
  4. All players, coaches and umpires must wash hands before and after games. Players must bring their own hand sanitizer. Restrooms will be closed until further notice.
  5. Each manager must bring a hand sanitizer station to the game and the chief umpire will verify usage.
  6. Any player, coach or umpire appearing sick or ill will be disqualified and must leave the facility immediately. Failure to do so will result in the game being suspended immediately.
  7. Players must use their own helmets. No sharing of equipment (bats, gloves, helmets, etc.).
  8. No spitting permitted while at the public parks.
  9. No high-fives, handshakes, chest bumps or other group celebrations/greetings permitted.
  10. Place equipment in designated area 6 feet away from other players.
  11. Players, coaches and umpires must bring their own water bottles labeled with their name.
  12. Players and coaches must spill over the outside of the dugout to maintain social distancing measures.