The South Florida Baseball League congratulates ALEX KATZ, our SPRING 2016 Season BASEBALL BEAST!  Alex pitched a NO HITTER in WEEK 2 and struck out 19 to lead his team to an 11-0 victory over the Broward Indians..

After toying with a pair of gems, a one hitter and a two hitter in previous seasons, Alex finally struck GOLD on June 26, 2016 with the brilliant no hitter against the Tribe! Don’t even think about messing around with Alex Katz – our Spring 2016 Season BASEBALL BEAST!

The SFBL tracks the best individual performance turned in each week via Player of the Week announcements. But every once in a while someone turns in an extraordinary performance. The “BASEBALL BEAST AWARD“ is awarded to the best individual performance of the season drawn from the list of Players of the Week winners. The SFBL conducts a special poll with the league team managers to determine the winner, who earns the BASEBALL BEAST trophy, an authentic SFBL logo baseball cap and permanent spot in the history books.