Press Release – SFBL SPRING SEASON 2017

South Miami, June 1, 2017

The new Spring 2017 season opens June 25, 2017  –  This is our 50th consecutive season and baseball in the South Florida Baseball League is more exciting than ever. To keep things simple, we are keeping all the rules the same, with the exception of bats, where the SFBL has switched to WOOD BAT ONLY in both divisions.

This season, for each division, Open and Masters, the SFBL is awarding Championship and MVP trophies, a $1000 cash prize, championship tshirts and authentic SFBL logo baseball caps to the championship teams.  The SFBL is also awarding the Baseball Beast trophy to our most heroic warrior.

All games, except championship games, are subject to 3 hour time limit, no ties permitted, suspended after 3.5 hours, mercy rule 10 run lead after seven innings in effect.  Championship games do not have a time limit.  All games are official after five complete innings if called due to rain.

Special Note:  The $1000 cash prize will only be payable to championship teams in good standing, meaning teams must be in full compliance with a published team roster, matching waiver form signatures, fully paid team fees and full team statistics in order to collect the incentive cash prize.

Open Division Playoffs:

The Open Division will consist of 13 teams for the new season.  The top six teams at the end of the season are seeded 1 through 6 to compete in the playoffs: 


Top two seeds each gets a BYE with an automatic entry into the semi-finals.

Quarterfinals Game 1:  The 6 seed (Visitors) plays the 3 seed (Home team)

Quarterfinals Game 2:  The 5 seed (Visitors) plays the 4 seed (Home team)


Winner of the Quarterfinals Game 2 (Visitors) plays the 1 seed (Home team), while the winner of the Quarterfinals Game 1 (Visitors) plays the 2 seed (Home team).


The winners of the semifinals games play a championship game with the team with the best overall record (with tie breakers, if necessary) earning the home team designation.

Masters Division Playoffs:

The Masters Division will consist of 9 teams for the new season.  The top four teams at the end of the season are seeded 1 through 4 to compete in the playoffs: 

The 30+ Masters Division teams must carry a roster of players turning 30 and older in the current year, with three exceptions. Masters Divisions teams are permitted to carry up to three players turning 27 and older in the current year, regardless of position played.


The Number 4 seed (Visitors) plays the Number 1 seed (Home team).

The Number 3 seed (Visitors) plays the Number 2 seed (Home team).


The winner of the semifinal games play a one game championship game for all the marbles and the greater glory.