This tournament page is dedicated to featuring information about the state-wide tournaments that the South Florida Baseball League produces locally as well as some of the national MSBL tournaments that the SFBL sends teams to.

SFBL Tournaments are truly a delight to partake in.  The competition is exceptional with the top teams from around the South Florida area as well as other parts of the state.  MSBL tournaments are national in scope and generally feature competition from teams coming from all over the eastern half of the USA, from Chicago and Long Island, NY to Atlanta and Detroit.

 Annual Tournament Schedule:

Tournament          Month          Location
MSBL Disney Holiday Classic January (MLK Weekend) Orlando Walt Disney’s Wide World of Sports
MSBL Grapefruit Classic March Winterhaven, Florida
SFBL Miami Open May (Memorial Day Weekend) South Florida
SFBL Florida Cup September (Labor Day Weekend) South Florida
MSBL Fall Classic November Jupiter / Fort Pierce

Tournament Teams

This link will provide a history of all the SFBL teams that have had success in the SFBL / MSBL tournaments.

The Miami Open is a state-wide tournament that takes place every Memorial Day weekend open to teams from any league. To date there have been fourteen Miami Open tournaments. Typically, 4 – 10 teams partake in a 3-day tournament, which commences on the Saturday of the long weekend with the Championship Game being played on Monday morning. The Miami Open is the oldest and most established of the SFBL-sponsored tournaments.

The tournament features the top SFBL teams as well as teams from around the state of Florida and beyond, including New York and the Caribbean. Other local leagues also typically send teams, such as the Hialeah League, the Perrine League, the Federal League in Broward County, the Liga Nica, Fort Myers Hardball and teams from Tampa and Orlando. Each year the tournament features high quality hardball and a good time- baseball heaven – South Florida.

2015 Miami Open

2015 Miami Open champions:  Orlando Madness

2014 Miami Open

2014 Miami Open champions:  Orlando Vipers

2013 Miami Open

2013 Miami Open champions: Coral Gables Athletics

2012 Miami Open

2012 Miami Open champions:  Miami Bulldogs

2011 Miami Open

2011 Miami Open Champions:  Fort Lauderdale Team USA

2010 Miami Open

2010 Miami Open Champions: The Miami Cops n Robbers

2009 Miami Open

2009 Co-Champions: Coral Gables Athletics & Dade Tigers

2008 Miami Open

2008 Miami Open Champions: The Coral Gables Athletics

2007 Miami Open

The 2007 Miami Open was not played due to a tropical depression

2006 Miami Open

2006 Miami Open Champions: The South Florida Mets

2005 Miami Open

2005 Miami Open Champions: The South Florida Mets

2004 Miami Open

2004 Miami Open Champions: South Florida Mets (18+) and Miami Red Sox (28+)

2003 Miami Open

2003 Miami Open Champions: The Miami Miracle

2002 Miami Open

2002 Miami Open Champions: The South Florida Mets

2001 Miami Open: 

2001 Miami Open Champions: The South Florida Mets

The South Florida Mets defeated the Parkland Braves 3-2

2000 Miami Open

2000 Miami Open Champions: The South Florida Mets

The South Florida Mets defeated the South Florida Sea Dogs 7-2

South-Beach-Slam-Logo smaller

The inaugural South Beach Slam, which is played under an open division format (18 and over age bracket), took place during the Independence Day weekend, July 4 – July 6, 2003 featuring 6 teams participating in a three-game minimum round-robin tournament. The tournament champions take home a beautiful Championship Trophy and all tournament players receive commemorative gold South Beach Slam medallions wrapped in USA flag ribbons.

2003 South Beach Slam Page

2003 South Beach Slam Champions: The South Florida Sun Devils.

 Florida Cup logo

Florida Cup is held each Labor Day Weekend and is played with the identical format as the Miami Open. To date, there have been 11 Florida Cup tournaments.

2014 Florida Cup

2014 Florida Cup Champions: The Naples Marlins

2013 Florida Cup

2013 Florida Cup Champions: The Orlando Cardinals

2012 Florida Cup

2012 Florida Cup Champions: Miami Bulldogs

2011 Florida Cup

2011 Florida Cup cancelled due to a tropical depression

2010 Florida Cup

2010 Florida Cup Champions: The Jacksonville Vikings

2009 Florida Cup

2009 Florida Cup Champions: The Naples Red Sox

2008 Florida Cup – Rained Out

2007 Florida Cup – Sponsored by Be On Sports!

2007 Florida Cup Champions: The Jacksonville Vikings

2006 Florida Cup

2006 Florida Cup Champions: The Orlando All-Stars

2005 Florida Cup

2005 Florida Cup Champions: The South Florida Mets

2004 Florida Cup

2004 Florida Cup Champions: The Miami All Stars

2003 Florida Cup

2003 Florida Cup Champions: The Suncoast Suns

2002 Florida Cup

2002 Florida Cup Champions: The South Florida Sun Devils

Disney Holiday Classic

Nothing like opening the year with some great baseball in Central Florida.  The MSBL Disney Holiday Classic is one of the National MSBL tournaments that is played on MLK Weekend in Walt Disney’s Wide World of Sports.  It features teams from all around the nation playing in multiple age divisions.

The SFBL has represented well at this tournament in past years.  The South Florida Mets (Zorros) have won the tournament in the past.  The Miami Red Sox and South Florida Nationals have made championship game appearances and the Coral Gables Athletics and Miami Brewers have made multiple playoff appearances.

In 2010, the Coral Gables Athletics won their first Disney Holiday Classic as they went 5-0 and defeated the 2009 Fall Classic Champs, Tampa Bay Shockers by a score of 7-4.  The A’s combined with their cross state rival, the Fort Myers Hitmen to form a strong team.  The SFBL was also represented by the Dade Tigers who made it to the Quarterfinals in the 35+ Division.

Fall Classic

When it comes to MSBL National Tournaments, the MSBL Fall Classic takes the cake.  This annual tournament has been played in Clearwater/Tampa for the past 15+ years and will be moved to Jupiter/Fort Pierce in 2009.  The tournament is played throughout a week and a half in November each year and features over 150 teams playing in multiple age brackets.

The SFBL has also represented well in this tournament as one of its most historic teams, the South Florida Sea Dogs still hold the national record with 6 Tournament Championships (most recently in 2009).  Other SFBL champions include the South Florida Mets (Zorros).  Tournament Finalists include the Coral Gables Athletics (2 Championship Games) and the South Florida Nationals (1 Championship Game).  The Miami Red Sox have also represented well at the Fall Classic making multiple playoff appearances.

For more information on National Tournaments, go to the MSBL Website.

Grapefruit Classic

Adding to its national tournament schedule, the MSBL created the Grapefruit Classic in 2010.  The tournament was initially held in Fort Myers, FL in historic Terry Park but has moved to Winterhaven, FL for 2011.  The tournament is a great addition to the national schedule squeezing in between the Holiday Classic and the SFBL Miami Open.  The tournament features three age brackets: 18+, 45+ and 55+

The SFBL represented quite well in 2010 as the Coral Gables Athletics defeated the Southwest Florida Giants in the inaugural 2010 Grapefruit Classic!  The SFBL also had members from the South Florida Sea Dogs playing in different 45+ teams from around the nation.